Joey The Magical Dog

Welcome to Joey’s homepage on the grand and mysterious World Wide Web. This website exists to educate and inform the public about this important spiritual teacher who has come to us in the form of a Miniature American Eskimo dog. As his handlers, we strive to keep him happy, comfortable and well fed so that he may deliver his teachings with grace and minimal barking.

— Sean & Lydia
Writing this while Joey stares at us with his deep, all knowing gaze. Recorded and duly transcribed July 6, 2017


Editor’s Note: This is only an approximation as best we could pull from the Akashic Records. Unfortunately our parking pass expired while we were sifting through records pertaining to Joey's history, so some details are omitted. We have done our best and hope that he approves.

Photo of JoeyThe Magical Dog known as Joey (originally named Joy but a typo was made by the namer) originated as a creature similar to a flying horse, with the personality of a sheep, on a planet similar to earth, in the 5th dimension (we are in the 3rd in case it wasn't clear), exactly 2,108¼ years B.C.

After careful study, we've determined Joey The Magical Dog is not just a dog but actually a hybrid of all of the following animals:

  • Cat
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Bird
  • Arctic Fox
  • Armadillo
  • Dolphin
  • Flying Squirrel (We've been told this is his current essence)
  • Others TBD

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More comfortable than the average dog Joey relaxing in floor chair